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Quan Am Pagoda (Chua Quan Am)
Quan Am Pagoda (Chua Quan Am)

Quan Am Pagoda (Chua Quan Am) Tours and Activities

Travelers can enter the Quan Am Pagoda (Chùa Quan Âm), a charming 19th-century Chinese-style Buddhist pagoda, via an ornate gatehouse. This leads the way to an impressive courtyard and several altars that make up one of Ho Chi Minh’s most popular pagodas.

Visitors will find brilliantly colored artwork that pays homage to Thien Hau and Manjusri decorating the altars and hallways of Quan Am. And while travelers agree the traditional pagoda is the main attraction, a nearby garden complete with quiet reflecting pond, rocky landscapes and a covered pavilion offers an equally impressive opportunity to explore.

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12 Lao Tu, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Tours and Activities to Experience Quan Am Pagoda (Chua Quan Am)

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