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Karnak Temple
Karnak Temple

Karnak Temple

Open daily. Summer: 6am - 6pm, Winter: 6:30am - 5:30pm
Karnak, Luxor, Luxor Governorate

The Basics

Often called the largest religious complex on earth, Karnak Temple is one of Luxor’s essential ancient sites. Since Karnak is on the same side of the Nile River as Luxor Temple—another key landmark in Luxor—many tours combine both destinations into a single trip. Within Karnak Temple, visit key areas such as the enormous Hypostyle Hall, the Sacred Lake, the Temple of Khonsu, and Ramesses III Chapel. Each area is rich with art and symbolism, so it’s worth exploring with a guide to understand the significance of what you’re seeing.

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Luxor Full day "Valley Of Kings" & Hatshpcout & Karnak Temple - From Hurghada
Luxor Full day "Valley Of Kings" & Hatshpcout & Karnak Temple - From Hurghada
$42.00 per adult
Traveler Favorite
Great destination - but never again on a big tour bus
We spent 2 hrs on pick-up (picket up at 3.45) to arrive in Luxor at 10:30 - did not have enough time to see what we came to enjoy. All rushed, had 10 minutes in the Valley of the Kings.. but 30 minutes at a shop of the guides choosing. Back at hotel at 23:00. Would never visit Luxor this way again. Definitely worth the extra 50 US$ to do a private tour - or even the 100$ to go by plane. The guide was not up to standard. We were lucky to have been to Cairo before with an excellent guide
Asta T, Jan 2020

Recent reviews from experiences in Luxor

Leona_G, Nov 2021
Private Karnak Temple Tour by Felucca from Luxor
The Felucca ride to Karnak temple was really fantastic!!! The guide was friendly and informative! Great day with Great guide!
Great tour!
PRISCILA_C, Sep 2021
2-Day Tour: Karnak & Luxor Temples Valley of the Kings Hatshepsut Temple &Memnon
It was great to split the sightseeing in Luxor in two days, having more time to understand all the history of this special place and also leaving free time to spend at our hotel pool. The agency staff was very attentive, the cars were good and clean and our guide Roshid had a great understanding of the places and ancient Egypt, making our visits even more interesting.
Luxor Excursion
Anastasia_P, Jul 2021
Full-Day Luxor Tour: Valley of the Kings, Temple of Hatshepsut, Karnak Temple
It is a fantastical experience that is great and chalk full of historical information. Thank you very much! It is worth every penny. I would highly recommend this excursion.
Great and educational tour
Hamza_K, Jun 2021
Enjoy Tour to Karnak and Luxor Temples from deal
This tour is worth taking. Our tour guide:Mona was extremely educated tour guide i have ever met. We are not really historical group of friends but trust me when i say we fell in love woth these temples. All credit goes to her. She explained each and everything in calm manner and answer each questions we had. She was extremely organized and gave us time for pictures. Long story short, do this tour and ask for her. Ypu will not regret it a bit
Great experience!
Nathan_U, Nov 2021
Top Half Day Tour To East Bank Visit Karnak And Luxor Temples
We had amazing time with this tour company! It made the trip to Luxor worth it. We did both the west and east babks. The guides and drivers were professional, respectful, and knowledgeable. They were very friendly and definitely knew what they were doing. We felt like this changed our entire experience of Egypt. On our second day we had Ahmed Elkallaf and Mahmud as our tour guide and driver. It was such an amazing time to learn about the rich history of the sites we were seeing. Can not recommend more highly.
Great experience exploring Luxor!
Hayk_H, May 2021
Karnak And Luxor Temples Private Tour
Had a great experience with Rania and the driver Samir. Rania is very knowledgeable and has a great personality - we visited the temples of Karnak and Luxor and she provided fascinated details on everything we saw. In addition to the historical context, we talked a lot about the modern day Luxor, Egyptian food, and a lot of other ingesting topics. Punctual, knowledgeable and pleasant - I highly recommend!
Brilliant Temples
Gabrielle_E, Oct 2020
Half Day East Bank Tour to Luxor and Karnak Temples
We learned so much about these two great temples and the writing system. Definitely too places to visit in Luxor! We wish our tour guide and driver wore face masks at least when we were inside.
Gio_L, Feb 2020
Luxor East and West Bank Valley of the kings, Hatshepsut ,Luxor & Karnak Temples
Very knowledgeable guide, top notch experience, totally recommend Hany.. helped me with everything on every stop we made
Exciting Must-See Archaeological Site in Egypt with a Friendly Knowledgeable Guide
roberteA6674PS, Oct 2019
Private Tour: Luxor East Bank, Karnak and Luxor Temples
You cannot go to Egypt and not see Karnak and Luxor Temples. Hotel pickup went smoothly. I'm not sure it's always the case, but we had a private guide all to ourselves.
Good trip, probably the best you can get in Egypt
David_J, Mar 2021
Luxor Full day "Valley Of Kings" & Hatshpcout & Karnak Temple - From Hurghada
This trip was good, much better than trip to Cairo that we did as well. Most of this will be because of the destination – Luxor is a small city positioned on the nile and around it are green fields where Egyptians harvest their crops, so the athmosphere is much better here, the air is better and importantly, you also get to enjoy more sightseeing than in Cairo (which is also a bigger city, with bad air and no green around, just dirt). The monuments in Luxor are plenty and its nice to walk through the temple of Karnak and Hatshpcout temple. Some difference in our experience of Cairo vs Luxor is also due to travel agency – we have been to Cairo with Egyptra Travel and it was bad, we were in Luxor with YourTripsGuide and it was good (and previously we have been with the same travel agency on dolphin trip and it was also very good). Also, the food on this trip was brilliant. However, here are some things they could improve: 1) no covid safety measures – although they had advertised there will be covid safety measures in place (e.g. bus capacity will be limited to 50 %, everyone will be given mask and hand sanitiser, guides will wear masks at all times) and we explicitly asked them in a chat whether they will stick with those rules, they did not in the end. The bus was basically full, no one was offered masks or sanitiser, guides were not wearing masks almost at all. They basically lied to us in the chat. 2) guidance – we had guide called Mimo who was very energetic and much better than guide in Cairo. However, the content of what he was talking about was not that interesting and important – he mostly talked about what does various signs on the monuments mean, how to read them and did not talk about the history enough. When we reflected upon this, it would be better for us if we just downloaded some online voice guide which we would listen while sightseeing instead of follow Mimo and listen to him. If we went on this trip next time, this is what we would do – find and download the online guide before the trip and when entering Karnak Temple (and other monuments), just make arrangement with the guide that we will do the disghtseeing separately and meet them at the entry gate at a given time. 3) pricing – when you pay for the whole trip (which feels already pretty expensive for egyptians standards of living and for the value you’re getting), you kind of expect it is a bundle with everything included. I still don’t understand and not really like that they charge you 10 EUR more during the trip to visit the banana island. You don’t have to pay for that, but then you spend about 1,5 hour in a bus driving around Luxor (which might not be that bad btw, the countryside around Luxor was nice to watch). They should include this in the original price and if needed raise that original price, but the fact that they ask you for extra money for something that feels like a natural part of the trip, after you have spend some significant money on the whole trip already just feels weird and bad. 4) acting in tourists’ interests – as we experienced multiple times in Egypt (and especially in Cairo), the travel agencies put much weight on extracting as much money as they can from you. In this case it was not that bad, but still, between sightseeing, they drove us to some nearby shop where they “showed us how local people make things from alabaster stone” – basically 30 seconds presentation and then 20 minutes time for us to buy things. Almost no one was interested in this and so most people spent these 20 minutes waiting outside the shop or in the bus, waiting until 2 people (out of all the bus) get persuaded to buy some stuff. This part of the programme was not interesting and we felt like they actually acting against our own interests (while being paid by us to do us). 5) departure time – we departured from Hurghada at 5am when the sun was rising. Because the sun was shining the whole journey to Luxor, it was hard to get some extra sleep. If the departure time was a bit earlier - at 3am or 4am, we would be able to fall asleep when there is still dark outside and spend most of the long journey sleeping. We think this trip is approximately the best you can get from egyptian travel agencies. Since we were not completely satisfied with this, we also thought about some alternatives, but there dont seem to be any feasible ones – private tours are much (2-5 times) more expensive and we would not bet that they are better quality, perhaps just fewer people. I would probably also be too complicated to go to Luxor on your own – it is pretty far away from hurghada and we found only one public bus per day doing this journey (though we are not sure whether renting a car could be an option). You would also likely not be able to visit all the places in one day – the programme of the travel agency is pretty packed and since they move around by bus and know their way around, they can keep the programme packed, which you likely couldn’t.
An amazing day discovering Karnak & Luxor Temples
576edgardom, Oct 2019
Private Tour: Luxor East Bank, Karnak and Luxor Temples
Contacted Viator for our trip to Luxor and the staff was very helpful and patient . They tailored our Private Tour according to what I wanted and they put us in the expert hands of Pharaoh Egypt Tours. To our surprise a day or two later we received a welcoming letter from the local tour company reconfirming our arrival and schedule. When we arrived into Luxor everything was as we had requested it. An early sharp 0700 am departure in order to beat the crowds, Mr.Mido, the excellent and most reliable on time driver in an immaculate car, and the Tour Guide, Ms. Mona who was knowledgeable and passionate for the Egyptian Civilization. These two provided the most complete tour of both temples, giving us a wealth of knowledge and time to ask questions as well as time to take pictures. We never felt rushed. I commend Viator for selecting companies like this one. I truly put my faith on Viator. They have never disappoint!!! We recommend this private tour and the particular company they selected to anyone looking for a totally professional and hassle free experience.

Things to Know Before You Go

  • A must-visit for history buffs and travelers interested in ancient Egyptian architecture.

  • Much of the site is in full sun, so bring a wide-brimmed hat and other sun protection.

  • Karnak Temple is wheelchair- and stroller-accessible, though some paths and surfaces are bumpy.

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How to Get There

The entrance to Karnak Temple is located on Mabad Al Karnak on the East Bank of the Nile River in downtown Luxor. If you’re visiting on a tour, transportation typically will be included. There are also taxis available on site—just be sure to negotiate a price before setting out.

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When to Get There

Visiting in the afternoon can mean powerful sun and heat, so morning trips are ideal for the most comfortable conditions. If you’re planning to visit Karnak Temple during the day and for the after-dark Luxor Sound and Light Show, you’ll need two separate tickets; the temple closes between regular hours and the evening show.

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The Luxor Sound and Light Show at Karnak Temple

Colored lights and voice-overs add extra drama to Karnak Temple, which hosts the popular Luxor Sound and Light Show. The after-dark show is split into two parts. First, visitors walk through the soaring columns of Hypostyle Hall, which are even more spectacular with mood lighting. From there, the show continues to Sacred Lake, where seating is provided for a 30-minute light show with storytelling; this portion is especially popular for travelers with children.

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