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Things to Do in Madhya Pradesh


Jai Vilas Mahal (Jai Vilas Palace)
1 Tour and Activity

This 19th century palace was built in the late 1800s and served as a home to members of the Maratha Scindia dynasty. Travelers who venture to this regal destination will find plenty of Indian history and European architecture that’s worth exploring.

Forty of Jai Vilas Mahal's 400 rooms have been transformed into a remarkable museum that showcases the history, culture and daily lifestyle of old-school India’s royal elite. History-loving travelers will enjoy wandering the gilded halls filled with fine furniture, stunning chandeliers and photographs.

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Bharat Bhavan
1 Tour and Activity

This vast complex was opened in the early 1980s as an homage to India’s thriving art scene. In addition to a well-curated gallery, Bharat Bhavan (also spelled bhawan) is home to an open-air theater, studio, auditorium, library, music hall and a handful of other spaces to celebrate visual and performing arts. Travelers who make their way to this destination will find plenty of modern and tribal art, as well as a movie house for classic films and a center for Indian poetry. Bharat Bhavan attracts artists in residence from across the country, as well as tourists seeking a deeper understanding of the diversity, color and culture that’s present in India’s dynamic art scene.

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