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Things to Do in Saint John


Reversing Falls
9 Tours and Activities

Saint John’s Reversing Falls are a natural phenomenon caused by the tides of Canada’s Bay of Fundy, which can differ in height by an astonishing 50 feet (15 meters) at certain times of the year. The huge incoming tides force back the flow of Saint John River, creating white-water-tinged whirlpools, waves, and rapids, before reversing in the opposite direction.

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Saint John City Market
7 Tours and Activities

A red-brick building spanning an entire city block, Saint John City Market is the oldest farmers market in Canada, with dozens of purveyors offering everything from fish-and-chips to local breads, wine, and cheese. Located just blocks from the Bay of Fundy, the market is an ideal spot to explore St. John’s finest food offerings or grab lunch during a day of sightseeing.

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