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Things to Do in Tagbilaran City


Blood Compact Monument
46 Tours and Activities
A bronze statue on a hilltop fronting the sea commemorates The Sandugo, a traditional tribal trust ceremony shared by regional chief Datu Skiatuna and Captain General Miguel López de Legazpi of Spain shortly after his arrival in Bohol in 1565. The symbolic gesture formed the foundation for lasting peace between the Spaniards and the Island residents.
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Bamboo Hanging Bridge Sevilla
26 Tours and Activities
This thin and wobbly bridge made of woven bamboo is a great thrill, especially for those conquering a fear of heights. Suspended some 131 feet (40 meters) across the murky, green Loboc River in southwestern Bohol, the flexible bridge creaks, bounces and sways with every step as you make your way across. Add a whole family and it’s an experience you’re not soon to forget.
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Hinagdanan Cave
11 Tours and Activities

Hinagdanan Cave can be found on Panglao Island in the Philippines’ Bohol Province. Made from limestone, Hinagdanan Cave is naturally lit by sunlight filtering in through holes in its rocky ceiling, which in turn creates some interesting lighting effects. Concrete steps lead down into the cave from the entrance. The stalactites and stalagmites here are particularly impressive, protruding from both the ground and the ceiling, and surrounding an underground lagoon, which is warm enough to swim in (although costs extra). The cave is also a place for nesting swallows, which sweep into the cave and sleep in the tiny holes in the ceiling. Hinagdanan Cave has become a popular attraction since its accidental discovery by the land’s owner some years ago, and there is now a firm holding of souvenir shops and stalls that need to be navigated before visitors can reach the cave’s entrance.

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Things to do near Tagbilaran City